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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers consumers a "fresh start" within 4-6 months of filing.  Most property is protected by state and federal exemption laws, and you can keep secured debts that you are current on and able to make ongoing payments.  

A Chapter 7 case is available to the majority of consumer clients, however there are income limitations.  Our firm specializes in the maximizing eligibility for our clients, especially those who may otherwise exceed the income qualifications.  We implement a wide variety of strategies to conquer the "means test" for the benefit of our Chapter 7 clients.

Making the call to our office is the first step, and usually the most difficult!  Reach out today to stop collection calls, end garnishments, and take the first step towards your fresh start!

Chapter 7

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers consumers options to address taxes, mortgage debt and domestic support obligations; while reorganizing debts to make full or partial repayment affordable.

A Chapter 13 case can last 3-5 years, Salinas Law Group LLC will be with you the whole way.  We offer full service representation in Chapter 13 cases to ensure you get the relief you need and achieve the best results available.  

Stop foreclosure, halt IRS collection, and catch up on your mortgage, car loan or child support today!  We can help!

Chapter 13

Student Loan Solutions

We represent consumers in rehabilitation, consolidation, and repayment selection options for federal and private student loans.  We assist clients in defending state court lawsuits from student loan lenders and help our clients pursue bankruptcy discharge of student loans.  Salinas Law Group LLC's approach to student loan solutions is focused on providing informed strategies and successful resolution, while being mindful of the costs for our clients.  

If you are struggling with student loans, please contact our office to discuss your options!

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